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Agri-cube compact hydroponic unit produces 10,000 vegetables per year in the space of a single car park

Agri-cube is available in two designs, priced at 5,500,000 yen (~US$70,000) and 8,500,000 yen (~US$108,000)

By Don Kennedy and R.Osuga
Digi-Info TV
Aug 1, 2012


Agri-cube is a hydroponic unit developed by Daiwa House Industry.

Agri-cube utilizes unique technologies, including the Variable Height Illumination System, which can provide a specific amount of light for cultivation, and the Fertilizer Circulation and Drainage System, which makes cleaning cultivation racks easy. Air-conditioning and other equipment is also provided as a package. So, even people with limited experience in vegetable cultivation can use the agri-cube easily.

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August 8, 2012   1 Comment

Doctors Transform Lawn into Edible Garden to Reverse the Diabetes Epidemic

They are removing 4,000 square feet of lawn and transforming it into an Edible Garden

By John Collier

John goes on a field trip to a Doctor’s Office to discover they are removing 4,000 square feet of lawn and transforming it into an edible garden to help teach their patients that prevention is the key to reverse many chronic diseases of today, including obesity, diabetes (type 2), hypertension, heart disease among others.

In this video you will learn how this family practices a solution to the health care crisis in America: Plant an edible garden and teach kids (and adults) to eat from the garden instead of the processed foods at the supermarket. This project was spawned by the 350 Home and Garden Challenge that took place May 12 and 13.

See more of John’s videos here.

August 8, 2012   1 Comment