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The Clueless Hipster Guide to Urban Chicken Farming

Cartoon strip: How NOT to Raise Chickens


WARNING – Raising chickens is a commitment, not a fad!

There used to be a time when chickens were
a common sight in American backyards.
Although it is starting to become popular again,
for the most part, most people don’t raise their
own livestock. Why not? It’s hard work!

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Ethical Foods: Urban Homesteading

People who live in urban and suburban environments are turning to homesteading to become more self-sufficient, depending less on a system that has grown out of touch with reality.

By Eden Canon
Ethical Foods
June 2012


Ample resources for aspiring urban homesteaders are made available, through classes and home tours hosted by urban homesteaders, as well as online., one of the first websites to profile information about urban homesteading, provides hundreds of pages of their homesteading experiences as well as stories of other urban farmers and homesteaders across the globe. City Farmer also offers tours of their homestead in Vancouver, British Columbia, which boasts a living roof, compost toilets, organic produce garden, water conservation system, vermiculture and food scrap composting and many other sustainable living practices and amenities.

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Urban farming shows its “Growing Power”

Will Allen’s story

By Byron Pitts
CBS News
August 9, 2012

While driving through Milwaukee, Will Allen saw a plot of land that would bring him back to his childhood roots of working on a farm. Byron Pitts reports on his mission to bring healthy food to the inner city and to create jobs in the community.

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