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Urban Agriculture in the Mediterranean

Urban Agriculture in Sana’a, the capital of the Republic of Yemen.

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Watch Letter No. 18
International Centre for Advanced Mediterranean Studies
Sept. 2011


Redefining a sustainable role for Urban Agriculture in the Middle East and North Africa
By Salwa Tohmé Tawk, Ziad Moussa, Diana Marroush Abi Saiid, Mounir Abi Saiid, Shadi Hamadeh
Environment and Sustainable development Unit, American University of Beirut (Lebanon)

Urban and periurban agricultural issues in Tunisia
By Hichem Rejeb
Research Unit “Horticulture, Landscape and Environment” IRESA, University of Sousse (Tunisia)

Multifunctionality of periurban agriculture in Italy
By Annarita Antonelli, Lamberto Lamberti

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Look busy, the allotment police in East Sussex UK are out to check ‘productivity’

Michael Rock faces eviction from his plot. Photo by The Telegraph.

A gardener who planted fruit trees in his allotment instead of vegetables is facing eviction from his plot, because his efforts broke regulations on “productivity”.

By Hannah Furness
The Telegraph
6 Aug. 2012


Michael Rock, 60, argued that by growing 11 pear, plum, apple, cherry and apricot trees he was putting his plot to good use, but council rules brought in this year say that three quarters of the land must be used for “productive crops” such as vegetables.

Mr Rock, an author who lives in a tower block flat in Hastings, East Sussex, said he had originally planted potatoes, leeks and onions, but produced so much it was going to waste.

He decided to turn the land over to fruit trees instead, intending to make jam for his pensioner neighbours.

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City Bountiful: The Rise of Urban Agriculture

Photo from Laura Lawson’s website.

The East New York Farms program seeks to engage the community through its 30 backyard gardens and 24 community gardens

By Benjamin Wellington
The Dirt
Student ASLA, master’s of landscape architecture candidate, Louisiana State University


At the Greater & Greener: Reimagining Parks for 21st Century Cities conference in New York City, Laura Lawson, ASLA, Professor and Chair of the Department of Landscape Architecture at Rutgers University, described how urban agriculture has experienced explosive growth in recent years. According to a survey produced by the American Community Gardening Association and Rutgers University, community gardens are now found in all 50 states. Some 445 organizations responded to the survey, listing a total of 9,030 gardens.

Of these organizations, 90 percent have seen increased demand over the past five years. Also, some 39 percent of the gardens listed were built just in the past five years. These organizations have a variety of goals, including food production and access, social engagement, nutrition, education, and neighborhood revitalization.

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