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25 minute video about Detroit’s’ urban farms – Aljazeera News

“A group of visionary residents in the American city of Detroit are sowing the seeds of an urban farming revolution.”

Series three, episode seven
18 Aug 2012


In the early 20th century the American city of Detroit was a booming industrial powerhouse and world leader in car manufacturing, with a population that reached nearly two million people.

But since the major car companies closed their factories, more than a million taxpayers have moved out of Detroit, leaving behind more than 100 square kilometres of vacant land, and nearly 40,000 abandoned houses.

Now after decades of urban decay, Detroit is undergoing something of a revival as a centre for a new trade – urban farming.

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Orbiting Garden – Garden Fresh Farms in Minneapolis, MN

750 square foot footprint – 50 pounds of basil every day

From their Kickstarter page:

Our indoor warehouse systems use artificial light and are immune to droughts and other weather conditions effecting traditional agriculture. Our methods are financially sustainable and solve the problems usually created by traditional agriculture.

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