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Our Vancouver Compost Garden – Video of ‘A Day in the Life’

City Farmer staff are kept busy

Sometimes we don’t realize how different our days are at City Farmer from other people’s jobs; answering a Compost Hotline, teaching people how to care for worms, shooing away raccoons and skunks, giving our backyard harvest to needy mums and kids, and learning about potential insect pests coming to our City (e.g. the European Fire Ant).

This brief video captures some of the daily activities that took place last week throughout one Saturday 9am-4pm and a Monday morning. You’ll see staff getting ready for a Fall wormshop and participants leaving with their working worm bins. As they leave, a university tour arrives.

Then at 12 noon, adventurers from ‘City Chase’ begin to flow in and will keep arriving until we shut our gates at 4pm. Almost 200 of them will get their first glimpse of red wiggler worm apartment composting.

And when we arrive back to work Monday morning, CBC TV from Quebec begins interviewing us about our work. This meeting will be featured on television this Fall along with interviews with many Canadians who are contributing to an urban agriculture revolution.

The video link at YouTube here.