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Urban farming up for city’s OK – Durham, N. Carolina

Cornucopia co-founders visit urban agriculture sites in Durham. Photo from Land in Common.

New Rules Would Allow Crop Growing across The City

By Jim Wise
The Durham News
Sept 4, 2012


Agriculture is going to town in Durham, and City Hall is looking to make it legal. A committee of elected officials gets a first look Wednesday morning at draft rules for commercial crop production across the city.

“We’ve had a growth of urban gardens over five or six years,” said City Councilman Mike Woodard. “That led some individuals and organizations to approach the city … to really have urban farms within the city limits.”

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Planning Report: Cities Cultivate New Approaches to Urban Agriculture

Illustration by Steve Hamaker.

California Planning and Development Report

By Kate Wolf
California Planning and Development Report
17 August 2012


According to Daniela Aceves of the food sustainability advocacy group Roots of Change, in San Francisco: “Zoning policies exist in the first place because of the belief in incompatible land uses.” Activists like Aceves contend that, in cities throughout California, these codes are now proving outdated, keeping out desirable uses, as more and more people turn to agriculture in urban areas for both personal and financial sustenance, to reduce carbon footprint or simply for lack of better options for access to fresh produce and animal products. Many proponents also contend that city-grown foods can help cut down on traffic and greenhouse gas emissions, because of reduced distances from field to table.

A spate of legislation throughout the state in the last two years reflects this trend.

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Urban Farmers Union in Beijing, China

Kickoff meeting was on August 11, 2012

Co-organized by HomeShop and Jonas Nakonz

From their website:

A gathering to exchange information on urban farming in Beijing. It’s an opportunity to meet likeminded people, learn some facts and d.i.y. techniques, and share knowledge and experiences. How can we access soil and fertilizer? Where can we get seeds? What materials can we use for containers, and where can we put them? How can we work together to make it easier and more fun?

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International Rescue Committee has established New Roots gardens or farms in nine cities

Follow Ah Lun, a refugee from Myanmar, and others as they put down new roots at two IRC-run community gardens and adjust to life in the United States.

‘Growing Good from the Ground Up’: International Rescue Committee launches campaign to support innovative New Roots program for refugees in the U.S.

By Lucy Carrigan
Media Relations Officer
International Rescue Committee
Sept 4, 2012

The International Rescue Committee has launched a multi-channel campaign to support New Roots, a dynamic community gardening and nutrition program that enables refugees to grow, harvest and sell fresh and affordable produce while integrating into their new communities across the United States.

“We want newly arrived refugees to have a healthy start here, but in many communities where they can afford to live, finding healthy and affordable produce is not easy,” says Ellee Igoe, the IRC’s U.S. advisor for food security and agriculture. “The New Roots program is changing that.”

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