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Floating allotment barge in east London

Kingsland Basin’s floating allotment barge is ran by CHUG – Canals in Hackney Users Group – and the Shoreditch Trust charity. Photo by Paul Debois.

An old barge on an east London canal has been turned into an edible Eden by local gardeners, says Pattie Barron

By Homes and Property UK
Sept 14, 2012


“British Waterways — now Canal Rivers Trust — had the idea of turning several redundant working barges into edible gardens,” explains Easty. “The Trust funded the transformation of this one, and British Waterways filled it with soil, providing a working area of about 50ft by 12ft 6ins. The soil was dense clay and builders’ rubble and though some people thought it wouldn’t work because the soil would become waterlogged, or the nutrients would leach into the canal, we thought differently. Because we’ve all lived on the canal for a long time, we know the canal water is an amazing fertiliser. And the water drains out of the soil, into the hull and on into the canal.”

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Collicello Urban Gardens: Micro-farm, Mega-ambition

Sam Frere (left) and Dan Warren: Collicello Street’s microfarmers.

Collicello Gardens in Harrisonburg, Virginia

By Andrew
Old South High
Sept. 7, 2012


In six months, he says, the porch will be filled with row upon row of trays for low-light greens, the fences will be hung with herb pots and there’s going to be a lot more use of vertical structures to maximize production on the .15-acre lot, minus the old Victorian-style house’s sizeable footprint.

Warren – also nearing the end, hopefully, of his studies at JMU – and Frere are going to have to maximize production here, because they’ve gone all in with Collicello Urban Gardens, their “community produce donation program.” (Translation: unresolved issues with the city zoning office mean they’ve been denied a business license to run this as a regular old CSA business at this point).

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