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First commercial Urban Farm in Europe in Rotterdaam, Netherlands

They drove herds of sheep through the city and decorated the city hall’s entrance with kale.

Notes on the Urban Farm prepared by Dirk Nowak
Sept 28, 2012

They have been preparing for this over 3 years, invested about 1 Million Euros. They did spectacular advertising, driving herds of sheep through the city and decorating the city hall’s entrance with kale. They have found over 200 co-investors, crowd-funding the final 65.000 Euros. Then it took only about 6 months to convert a former shunting yard into fields and greenhouses…

And now their homepage finally says: “We’re Open Now – For Real!” Europe’s first commercial Urban Farm has taken root in definitely urban grounds: the port of Rotterdam, the most industrialized metropole of the Netherlands.

“Uitjeeigenstad” is the name they chose, meaning “From within your own Town”. On 2 hectares they are currently growing greens and flowers. The produce is sold in their own shop on site, or it is used to create the meals in their own restaurant.

Plans for the future? They do have! The hoop houses are already up, the chickens are already ordered, mushrooms will certainly grow well in the humid air, and the fish will soon arrive in their new home, the aquaponics installation.
And when all this is up and running, they want to install farms in other cities as well… 

Facebook page here. 

Website here.

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1 Marian Harberink { 10.01.12 at 12:42 am }

It’s a fantastic place in an former industrial harbour area in Rotterdam. Especially their paksoi is delicious. Due to the current economic situation in The Netherlands and in Europe there’s no longer budget for developing housing and office projects. But there’s hope for green projects like ‘In je eigen stad’ and other urban farm initiatives. Green is the new value in real estate!