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Mickey Mouse’s Garden – 1935 Cartoon

The famous mouse battles house-size insects after inhaling too much bug spray.

Director: Wilfred Jackson
Animation: Art Babbitt, Frenchy de Tremaudan
Walt Disney 1935

Excerpt from The Encyclopedia of Disney Animated Shorts:

From Ryan Kilpatrick at The Disney Film Project : For Mickey’s second color short, Mickey’s Garden, the animators took another crack at marginalizing the main mouse. Mickey is the “star” of this short only in the sense that it’s his name in the title. The real stars of this one are the bugs in his garden.
The idea is that Mickey has bugs in his garden, and is going to all extremes to get rid of them. He has concocted a brew that he sprays at the bugs, driving them away. As is always the case with any good Disney cartoon, something goes horribly wrong. Pluto chases a bug and falls back into Mickey, who gets sprayed with his own poison.

At that point, we enter Mickey’s fever dream, and Mickey becomes a secondary character in his own short. Instead, we are treated to the rampage of the bugs, as in Mickey’s dream, everything grows to titanic proportions, including the garden and the bugs.

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