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Michelin star chef has a West London rooftop garden

Aikens’ restaurants include Tom’s Terrace at Somerset House and the intimate Tom’s Kitchen.

Tom Aikens’ Urban Agriculture

Oct 22, 2012


What’s growing in your garden right now?
At the moment I’m growing herbs: thyme, rosemary, different types of salvia, dill and fennel.

What else can city-dwellers grow?
Herbs and salads are easy, but you can also grow more substantial things like carrots, leeks and onions.

How do you use your own produce when cooking at home?
I use all the herbs and flowers I grow in my cooking. I make homemade ricotta which I serve with various herbs I’ve grown. It’s nice to see something you’ve planted develop into something you can then use in your cooking. Once my crop has grown I use them and replant very quickly.

What is so important about growing for yourself?
It’s a good way of de-stressing—not that I talk to plants or anything, but it’s nice to be among things that are growing and blossoming. It’s very rewarding.

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