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Warning sounded on urban farming in Africa

Research in Kenya suggests humans and animals living in close contact could be a cause of new diseases.

By Peter Greste reports from Nairobi, Kenya’s capital.
21 Oct 2012

Researchers in Kenya are warning that urban farms are helping spawn new diseases at an unprecedented rate.

The scientists found that larger slums and a growing demand for food are pushing humans and animals into closer contact, which could fuel the spread of epidemics.


1 Maureen Temme { 10.22.12 at 8:31 am }

Readers will realize that the big problems come from the poverty side of cities, not the food/animal raising.

Do you have a url for the actual study? Speaking to the points raised in the film, one really does have to know precisely what was done for the study and what was said. Thank you for any further information.

2 Maureen Temme { 10.22.12 at 8:44 am }

I went looking.

has links to a lot of stuff, including the actual study which is in the Journal of Tropical Animal Health and Production, main points, and separate studies that make up the special edition.

It’s not even that I’ve got the time to read all this … it’s just that a negative headline gets seized upon by some North American municipal politician and there goes three years work by people who are trying to change a bylaw to have hens in their yard. Sigh!

Best regards