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The Noun Project: Creating, Sharing and Celebrating the World’s Visual Language

‘Urban Farm’. Collaboration by Edward Boatman, Elizabeth Salud, Christine Geronaga and Chris Jerde. United States, 2011.

The Noun Project is a platform empowering the community to build a global visual language that everyone can understand.

Sofya Polyakov is the co-founder and CEO of The Noun Project—a website that offers a crowdsourced collection of universally recognizable icons for visual communication.

“Symbols are some of the best communication tools we have to overcome many language and cultural barriers,” she explains.

‘Guerrilla Gardening’. Collaboration by Edward Boatman and Yohei Nakajima. United States, 2011.

Visual communication is incredibly powerful. Symbols have the ability to transcend cultural and language barriers and deliver concise information effortlessly and instantaneously. For the first time, this image-based system of communication is being combined with technology to create a social language that unites the world.

‘Garden of Eden’. Designed by Bruno Gätjens González. Costa Rica. 2012.

See the Noun Project here.