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13,000-square-foot green roof ‘urban farm’ proposed for Boston

“Blackstone Street . . . is the chief street of the market district and demonstrates the fact that food, like life, can be beautiful. Blushful tomatoes greet the eye; red, russet, and yellow apples; jolly peppers and sweet corn grinning toothfully. A sunset in vegetables! The red, red cheeks of the salesmen matching their choicest sirloins!” —George F. Weston, Boston Ways: High, By, and Folk, 1957

The Farm Comes To The City – Blackstone Market – Boston’s Market District

From Blackstone Market LLC
A Collaboration between Cresset Group and DeNormandie Companies

Excerpts from proposal:

Blackstone Market re-imagines the relationship of agriculture to the city. Boston youth will come to this publicly accessible civic resource and experience the pleasures of farming.

A key component of the building is the large-scale green roof over the market and its agricultural programming. This productive 13,000-square-foot green roof will become a model for urban agriculture in Boston, and enrich the Market District experience and downtown. The produce grown here will be used by nearby restaurants, including the restaurants within Blackstone Market, and sold in the ground-level market. Bostonians will eat Bostongrown produce!

A Teaching Farm
This site, in the heart of the Market District and overlooking the Greenway, presents a unique opportunity to introduce young people in Boston to the joys and travails of farming. The urban agriculture center will serve a vital educational purpose, teaching Boston youth about the science of agriculture, and business and management skills. The development team will pursue this educational goal through a program with local public schools, as part of a city-wide urban agriculture initiative, or through partnerships with youth organizations or nonprofits. The development team has discussed management and best practices for youth agriculture programs with organizations, such as Higher Ground, in order to understand how to best shape our venue and form productive local partnerships. We will work with City and State officials to identify the most appropriate educational programming.

Bringing Agriculture Downtown
The urban agriculture center, with its productive green roof and greenhouse, will become a destination for Bostonians of all ages. The produce grown on the roof will be sold to the restaurants andthe market on the lower floors. The 13,000-square-foot green roof will provide the opportunity for local youth to learn about and participate in farming.

Blackstone Market – Parcel 9 Presentation

See the complete proposal here.

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1 Kristen Ploetz { 11.02.12 at 7:27 am }

As a huge fan of green roof initiatives and as someone who lives just outside of Boston, I was happy to read about this today. Let’s hope the trend continues elsewhere!