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The Egg Map: How to Accelerate Local Food Abundance

The Todmorden clickable egg map, shows where surplus eggs are available.

Making maps like this may be something you want to do for your community.

By John Robb
Resilient Communities
July 13, 2012


Here’s something I found incredibly useful as a way to improve a community’s resilience: an Egg Map.

Take a look at this map of egg producers, from the innovators at Incredible Edible Todmorden UK.

Every point on the map is a home, farm or business that has a chicken coop. Many of them got started with chicken keeping through the Todmorden “Every Egg Matters” campaign.

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Vancouver rooftop farm on parking garage focus of attention on REDDIT

Downtown Vancouver EasyPark parking lot at 535 Richards St. Click on image to see larger size.

‘Local Garden’ Vancouver about to open rooftop greenhouse


pyxlated: I love that Vancouver has been so proactive about this kind of thing. Rooftops are usually wasted space, and it’s great to see them being put to good use.

Synthacon: Parking garages downtown are no longer filling up during peak hours, because of decreased car use in the downtown core. So we gotta do something with all that wasted space!

proudbedwetter: A basic understanding of economics would suggest that lowering parking rates would be more logical.

qviri: unless 1) the physical amount of cars reaching downtown, outside of the garage’s control, is insufficient to fill parking garages downtown; and/or 2) the rooftop greenhouse generates more value than increased use of the garage would.

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A Time Capsule Full of Heirloom Seeds

Urban Farm: Build a Garden, Sustain it for Life

By Jarrod Tishhouse
Kickstarter Project
Nov 1, 2012

Custom build your own heirloom garden – sealed and encapsulated, so you can plant when you’re ready!

The concept behind Urban Farm is to create fully customizable, sustainable gardens that will provide renewable food year-after-year and even continue thriving in economic crisis. Most “survival gardens” I’ve researched on the web are way overpriced, don’t give you much of a selection, and are far too generic. Guess what? I don’t like cauliflower, and I don’t want to grow it! You do? Great! But maybe you don’t care about melons – or maybe you’re a melon fiend! This project allows you to create your own garden with what you want in it, which I will then seal into a custom-made capsule to be stored for however long you want!

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