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A Time Capsule Full of Heirloom Seeds

Urban Farm: Build a Garden, Sustain it for Life

By Jarrod Tishhouse
Kickstarter Project
Nov 1, 2012

Custom build your own heirloom garden – sealed and encapsulated, so you can plant when you’re ready!

The concept behind Urban Farm is to create fully customizable, sustainable gardens that will provide renewable food year-after-year and even continue thriving in economic crisis. Most “survival gardens” I’ve researched on the web are way overpriced, don’t give you much of a selection, and are far too generic. Guess what? I don’t like cauliflower, and I don’t want to grow it! You do? Great! But maybe you don’t care about melons – or maybe you’re a melon fiend! This project allows you to create your own garden with what you want in it, which I will then seal into a custom-made capsule to be stored for however long you want!

Here’s how it works:

Step 1: You choose 5 Urban Farm Packs (see chart below), each with 4-5 types of individual heirloom seed packs in them that you want in your future garden.

Step 2: I take your seed order, seal them into an oxygen-low environment (where the elements can’t harm them), and encase them within a custom-built capsule to make that baby virtually indestructible! Each individual seed pack will include instructions on how to plant and save seeds of that particular variety.

Step 3: I send you your custom encapsulated garden, which you put away in a cool dark place until such a time that you deem fit to crack that baby open and start your very own heirloom garden!

Whether you want a salsa and salad garden, or you’re a tomato and pepper lover, or you just have a hankerin’ to grow anything and everything – you can make your garden as you see fit! All of the fruit & vegetable seeds I source from are heirloom – meaning they are NOT genetically modified or hybrid. They are renewable every year (i.e., you take the seeds from last year’s tomatoes to grow new tomatoes this year). Modern hybrid seeds are usually bred specifically in a laboratory, and seeds produced from these crops do not produce viable seeds. I source from heirloom seed gardens to get the highest quality heirloom seeds possible for your Urban Farm garden!

Visit his Kickstarter page here.

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1 Wan-Ling Chiu { 11.06.12 at 6:27 am }

Your comments about genetically-modified crops are not quite right. Please check out this article fromNPR: