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The Egg Map: How to Accelerate Local Food Abundance

The Todmorden clickable egg map, shows where surplus eggs are available.

Making maps like this may be something you want to do for your community.

By John Robb
Resilient Communities
July 13, 2012


Here’s something I found incredibly useful as a way to improve a community’s resilience: an Egg Map.

Take a look at this map of egg producers, from the innovators at Incredible Edible Todmorden UK.

Every point on the map is a home, farm or business that has a chicken coop. Many of them got started with chicken keeping through the Todmorden “Every Egg Matters” campaign.

Given how productive chickens can be, it’s not that hard to overproduce. So, a good portion of these locations produce MORE eggs than they need.

Further, the campaign increased the awareness of people in the town to the benefits of fresh, locally produced eggs — from the radically better taste, particularly if eaten within 48 hours of being laid, to the claim (mostly unproven, although I suspect it is highly dependent on the type of chicken and what you feed them) that they are much better for you than the factory fresh eggs bought in a store.

Most of the locations on the map include details about how many eggs they have available for sale and contact info (phone/text) for how to reach them.

Read the complete article here.

And here’s how to create your maps.