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Seattle’s 30,000-Square-Foot Community Garden, ‘UpGarden’, is on a Parking Garage

The Mercer Garage rooftop P-Patch, which opened in early June, is starting to yield some crops. Beautiful sketches of the garage rooftop by artist Gabriel Campanario. See here.

Gardeners savor season atop Seattle Center garage

By Gabriel Campanario
Seattle Times
Aug 31, 2012


I tasted a tomatillo from Stephanie Krimmel and Craig Moore’s plot and it was pretty sweet. Who knew you could garden in a few feet of soil laid over concrete?

To help build the P-Patch, the Krimmel-Moore family put in 150 hours of labor — the most of all volunteers vying for a plot. That gave them first choice of the 98, 100-square-foot plots available. They picked one with great views of the garden’s terraces, not to mention the city skyline and the soaring Space Needle.

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FAO Honduran pilot study: Women proud of their family gardens

This project improved the nutritional food security of 6000 people who participated

Global Horticulture Initiative
30th May 2012


During the project 1,075 family orchards were selected in different periurban colonies (Los Pinos, Villanueva, Monte de los Olivos Trees and Nueva Suyapa), using the methodology based on the training manual “A Kitchen Garden for All” in 6 cycles of two months each. Six CDCs in urban areas and 1 in rural area were settled on as Units of Technology Transfer that operated as education-learning and integration spaces for the families. At the end of the project 79.1% of the gardens (850 family gardens) were active. The main reason for this (as declared by project participants) was the supply in healthy food made available at homes.

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Sky’s the limit for Montreal rooftop farm project

MONTREAL, QUE. Javier Campos, assistant director of Lufa Farms, drops basil seed into mini-pots at one of the rooftop greenhouses at Lufa Farms. To his right (and in the left foreground) are other growing herbs and behind him are tomato plants. The company is planning to open four new rooftop greenhouses in Laval, Montreal, Boston and Toronto over the next year. Photo by John Kenney.

Lufa Farms, which opened a 32,000-square-foot greenhouse near the Marché Centrale last year, plans to open two more greenhouses in the Montreal region in 2013

By Monique Beaudin
The Gazette
October 30, 2012


“Ever since we launched this project, we’ve been overwhelmed with demand from the public,” Hage said. “We believe that by adding our next two farms in Montreal we’ll be able to turn a large number of consumers toward local agriculture.”

Lufa’s existing greenhouse produces between 1,000 to 1,500 pounds of food each day, and delivers 1,000 boxes of food to customers every week. Boxes of food cost between $22 and $42.

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