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Seattle’s 30,000-Square-Foot Community Garden, ‘UpGarden’, is on a Parking Garage

The Mercer Garage rooftop P-Patch, which opened in early June, is starting to yield some crops. Beautiful sketches of the garage rooftop by artist Gabriel Campanario. See here.

Gardeners savor season atop Seattle Center garage

By Gabriel Campanario
Seattle Times
Aug 31, 2012


I tasted a tomatillo from Stephanie Krimmel and Craig Moore’s plot and it was pretty sweet. Who knew you could garden in a few feet of soil laid over concrete?

To help build the P-Patch, the Krimmel-Moore family put in 150 hours of labor — the most of all volunteers vying for a plot. That gave them first choice of the 98, 100-square-foot plots available. They picked one with great views of the garden’s terraces, not to mention the city skyline and the soaring Space Needle.

Photo of UpGarden by Landscape Architect Eric Higbee. For over a decade Eric has been growing vegetables and raising poultry in Seattle while cultivating expertise in Northwest native and edible plants. See his website here.

Being up here, you forget where you are, said Krimmel. “You barely see the cars. You barely hear the street. You are in your own little oasis.”

UpGarden, as the P-Patch is known, occupies about a third of the Mercer Garage rooftop parking space. The sloping ramp where cars used to park is practically unrecognizable. Instead, you see a swath of green surrounding an old Airstream trailer where the urban gardeners keep their tools. A lawn in front of the trailer is the main gathering space, and that’s where I sketched Stephanie Krimmel and Craig Moore as they enjoyed a picnic while their daugther, Bailley, napped.

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1 John Coyne { 11.26.12 at 1:56 pm }

Great works. Keep at it. Reminds me of my HippieDaze!