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Sydney City Farm – Australia

See the complete 72 page Feasibility Study here.

The City is currently undertaking the planning of a new City Farm which will be a destination for food production and sustainable living in the heart of Sydney.

Excerpts from the City of Sydney website:

The two proposed sites for the City Farm are the disused Powerhouse Museum car park, Ultimo and Sydney Park, St Peters.

Hundreds of community members turned out to a City Farm Community Day at Sydney Park in St Peters on Saturday 28 July 2012 to get a taste of the proposed City Farm, including gardening activities and a small animal farm. Visitors also gave the City their ideas on their aspirations and programs for the City Farm.

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Urban farming at home in South Jakarta, Indonesia

Workshops participants were amazed to see how Papua chili, Italian eggplants, curry leaves, rice, cucumber, green grass jelly, basil, bananas, peppers, lavender, kale, spinach, oregano, rosella, lemon grass, moringa, passion fruit and many more thrive there.

Urban farming workshop held in private home in Jakarta

By Omar Niode Foundation
Aug 9, 2012


At the household level, urban agriculture can be a source of income, can provide direct access to a larger number of nutritionally rich foods (vegetables, fruit, meat) and a more varied diet, can increase the stability of household food consumption against seasonality or other temporary shortages, and can increase the time mothers spend caring for their children, as opposed to non-agricultural activities that are more likely to be located further away from home.

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The Jesuit Urban Farming Club of New Orleans

The planters (from left): sophomore Juan Martinez, senior Jack Ferro, alumnus Gavin Daigle ’04, sophomore Jacob Cassagne, sophomore Josh Talbot, Ms. Aurora Daigle, and sophomore James Deichmann.

The Urban Farming Club cultivated its first garden at the corner of Solomon and Banks streets September 27 through October 13, 2012.

Excerpt from Jesuit Urban Farming Club website:

The Jesuit Urban Farming Club’s mission is to cultivate urban agriculture which would create a renewable resource for the school community and inspire positive local action around food access. Since this club is just in its infancy, our urban farmers have just planted the first seeds of changes but will continue to compassionately carry the motto of “men for others” to new levels. Through nurturing the grounds just steps away from the practice field, we hope to produce enough fruits, vegetables, and herbs to either donate to local charities or improve the current supply of organic produce for the school cafeteria.

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