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My Grandma, The Urban Farmer

Lyla Hadad. Photo by Amanda Lewan

She started her garden in Detroit in 1962, when she moved to her current house.

By Amanda Lewan
Deadline Detroit
November 8th, 2012


She may not strike you as a farmer, this 80-year-old woman who lives in a rundown area of Detroit’s East Side.

But Lyla Hadad has been tending a large garden filled with vegetables next to her two-story wood frame home for 50 years, and passing out the bounty to people in her neighborhood around Chalmers and E. Warren Avenue.

The area surrounding her garden are hardly bucolic.

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Farm to fork in New York: The growing movement of urban farming

See BBC video here.

Bringing farms into the cities.

BBC Horizons
Nov 8, 2012


Adam Shaw travels to New York where he meets some of the pioneers of urban agriculture, including a commercial organic farm using traditional agricultural methods but located on the roof of a six-story block in the shadow of the Empire State Building. He also learns how advances in greenhouse technology are encouraging higher crop yields in a smaller amount of space.

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‘FarmStart’ aims to encourage and support a new generation of entrepreneurial, ecological farmers.

Ruby Natt, Manmeet Singh And Their Daughter, Gurpreet. Photo by Sarah B. Hood.

McVean Start-up Farm in Brampton, Ontario

‘Not quite old McDonald’s farm’
By Sarah B. Hood
Yonge STreet Media
November 07, 2012


Situated on 45 acres that once made up a prosperous family farm, but is now leased from the Toronto and Region Conservation Authority, it provides new farmers—many born outside Canada—with growing space while they learn their skills.

The goal of the operation is “basically to create sustainable farms that can meet the growing demand for local food,” says FarmStart’s startup farm programs co-ordinator Ian McCormick, “sustainable, not only environmentally and socially, but financially.”

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Learn about corn from an Oregon Farmer

Anthony Boutard “It’ll make a fine backyard corn.” (In reference to his purple flour corn.)

By Rebecca Gerendasy
Cooking Up a Story
Nov 7, 2012


That corn has become his passion, so much so that he wrote a book about it called “Beautiful Corn: America’s Original Grain from Seed to Plate.” Not bad for a crop he says was originally just a whim, borne from childhood memories like the smell of cornbread fresh from the oven.

“It was a listing in the High Mowing Seed Company catalog that said ‘makes good cornbread,’” he said, chuckling. And he thinks it’s the perfect crop for where he is in his life.

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