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Toronto Urban Farmer Ran Goel is leading an agricultural revolution

Fresh City sells the harvested produce locally, delivering about 250 boxes a week.

By Sharon Aschaiek
U of T Magazine
Autumn 2012


If Ran Goel has his way, every backyard in Toronto will become an organic microfarm. “If we can make farming ubiquitous here, it would be a win-win-win situation for our environment, our communities and our health,” says Goel, co-founder of Fresh City Farms, which focuses on commercial urban agriculture.

Sound radical? Consider Goel’s path to urban farming activist – until recently, he was an investment lawyer in New York. But Goel, 32, has always had a green streak: he researched corporate environmental issues at York University and at the London School of Economics and Political Science. His environmentalism blossomed further at U of T’s Faculty of Law, where, as a student rep on Governing Council, he advocated for more ecologically and socially responsible investments.

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