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Jennie Grant on Goats and More

“It’s not just about raising goats but about how our culture looks at animals.”

By Diana Vergis Vinh
Urban Farm Hub
Nov 16, 2012


Jennie Grant, our local founder of the Goat Justice League, has a wonderful new book out. City Goats is a book I wish I’d had a few years ago when I had the animals; it is full of useful information on everything from selecting your goat to what to feed them. Jennie is a clear and quite humorous writer. Even if you don’t plan on your own caprine adventures her stories about her backyard farm and information on goat’s milk and animals in general make it well worth the read.

Last week Urban Farm Hub caught up with Jennie and asked her a few questions.

How do you describe yourself?

I am a stay at home mom finishing up my last pre-requisites before applying to nursing school. I have always loved animals; as a child I wanted a deer and an elephant in the backyard until I realized it would be cruel to have them in such a small space. I’m also the happy founder of the Pug Gala, one of the largest pug events in the country.

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Café Farm – Mini Plant Factory using LED lights

The LED mini garden system

Excerpt from the Operations Manual:

LED Growlight
LED growlight is an artificial light which is able to replace the sun light. It is composed with the most efficient wavelengths. Moreover, the luminosity and the wavelengths are adjustable simply with using switch on the both upper and lower shelf.

Aeroponic Growing tray
This device holds the plants to grow properly and also supplies nutrient solution to the plant roots. Aeroponic system optimizes the growing condition to increase the growing efficiency.

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