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‘Young Agrarians’ embrace urban farming

Photo by Sara Dent of Young Agrarians.

16 Going on Farmer

By Sophia Vartanian
Young Agrarians
November 19, 2012


When it comes to young agrarians, I’m one of the younger ones. Sixteen, going on seventeen in the depths of winter, dreaming about summer harvests: vivacious ruby streaks and bursting blueberries, gentle butter lettuces and glowing golden peaches.

Farming is my passion. I got my start at the UBC Farm & Centre for Sustainable Food Systems, a gorgeous twenty-four hectare farm nestled away in old coastal hemlock forest. Many Vancouverites don’t know it exists. I didn’t, before I started volunteering there last summer.

A store of mementos from my adventures in agrarianism

… Or the massive haul of carrots we shook from the ground one Friday Harvest Shift at UBC Farm. Eschewing totes, we filled up the harvest cart with the carrots. We washed and bunched them up. Buying them the next day at the market, I realized that I’d had a hand in getting these carrots from the fields to me. That was one of the best feelings I’ve ever felt, warming my face up with a glowing smile that I wore the rest of the day. It was fuel for the fire to learn more, grow more, experience more.

I’m currently planting the early seeds for an urban farm at my school. Meeting with inspiring folk involved with the VSB, food, farming and health. Exploring what’s possible – which ideas would grow great in our situation’s climate and which ideas would be better left to go to seed. Learning how to write grant applications. Planning and researching. Planning and researching again. Getting ready to move things forward with a proposal.

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