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Film traces a worldwide obsession in ‘The Fruit Hunters’

Montreal author Adam Gollner, left, and Yung Chang present their findings at Jean Talon Market. Photograph by Allen McInnis, Montreal Gazette.

Documentary is based on Montrealer Adam Gollner’s book

By T’cha Dunlevy
Montreal Gazette Film Critic
November 23, 2012


“I had (Gollner’s book) with me on my travels on the festival circuit for Up the Yangtze,” Chang said. “I went to Brazil and Tel Aviv, and places with different kinds of fruit, and I used the book as a guide to find them. I felt like I was on an adventure.”

Chang’s film brought him to Hawaii, Bali, Borneo and the Amazon in pursuit of rare fruits, the stories behind them and the people fighting to preserve them. Like Richard Campbell and Noris Ledesma, curators at Florida’s Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden. Or Isabella Dalla Ragione, an Italian agronomist who traces the background of fig varieties through Renaissance paintings.

Movie trailer. See the movie website here.

And Pullman, who became the inadvertent leader of a fruit movement in his Hollywood neighbourhood. When a hillside property went up for sale, he spearheaded a drive to acquire the property and turn it into a community garden. Though things didn’t end up as planned, the initiative took on a life of its own.

“It’s a whole chapter I didn’t foresee,” Pullman said. “I’m a hobbyist. But the thing I’m doing with the Hollywood Orchard is amazing. It’s one of the great achievements of my life. (The community garden) didn’t work out; but in the meantime, the Pick n’ Kitchen evolved, where we all pick fruit and make things in a pop-up kitchen. Our next event is Dec. 15. It will be a holiday celebration.”

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The Fruit Hunters: A Story of Nature, Adventure, Commerce and Obsession. See the book here.