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Sell from your garden with a cash register kept in your pocket

City Farmer’s iPhone cash register. Photo by Michael Levenston.

Use an easy-swipe credit card reader on your iPhone to put money directly into your bank account

If you have produce to sell from your back garden, from your small urban farm or from your table at a farmer’s market, there’s a new way to make the transaction effortless and it takes the headaches out of cash or cheque sales.

No more – “I don’t have enough money on me – where is the nearest bank machine?” or “that damned cheque bounced.” The Square app will take Visa or Mastercard and deposit money into your bank account in a few business days. You lose 2.75% on the transaction but you win with convenience.


The customer picks from your garden. You weigh and price the produce.

They take out their Visa or MasterCard.

Put in your Square reader.

Open your Square phone app.

Seller determines total price and enters it on her phone. Tax can be pre-programmed so that it is automatically determined.

There is an option to take a photo of the item and enter a title such as ‘Basket of Food’, which will be part of the receipt.

Swipe card through reader.

The card reader authorizes the sale though a WiFi or 3G network.

Asks for customer’s signature. They use their finger on the screen. The card does not require a signature for under $20 sales.

Press ‘continue’.

Wait for it to be ‘approved’.

The seller has the option of immediately sending out a receipt via mobile text, email or simply not at all.

Money will be in seller’s bank in a few business days minus 2.75%.

No more issues of finding change for the customer.

See Square Canada here.

See Square USA here.