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‘Aquaponic’ garden in New York’s FBushwick’s Moore Street Market

Yemi Amu, one of the founders of Oko Farms, swears by aquaponic farms and gardens because they use less water and provide both fish and vegetables. Photo by Stefano Giovannini.

Amu and Boe plan to build a greenhouse to contain the fish farm, which they say can thrive even during a chilly Brooklyn winter.

By Danielle Furfaro
The Brooklyn Paper
Nov 21, 2012


Yemi Amu believes that fish poop can change the world — or at the very least change an abandoned Bushwick lot into a thriving farm.

She and her partner Jonathan Boe have spent the past year setting up small aquaponic gardens — closed systems that use fish feces and water to feed plants — and now they’re planning their masterwork: a fish poop-powered urban farm at the Moore Street Market in Bushwick.

“It saves water and you don’t need a lot of space,” said Amu, who is constructing the urban oasis under the moniker Oko Farms. “You can do more than you could do with a soil-based garden and you get both fish and vegetables.”

An aquaponic system filters waste from freshwater fish — think tilapia, goldfish, or koi — using a bacteria that converts ammonia to nitrates: plants’ favorite food.

“All you have to do is feed the fish high-quality food and it does the rest itself,” said Amu.

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