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Portrait of Dan Jason, a pioneer in seed farming in British Columbia

‘The Gift’ by Jean-Marc Abela

The Gift is a portrait of Dan Jason, a pioneer in seed farming who has gone against the grain of industrial agriculture. He shares with us an alternate vision of the bounty nature provides.

Salt Spring Seeds

This is our 25th year of promoting a safe and sustainable, local agriculture. It is very gratifying to now see so many individuals and communities across Canada embracing this concept! We hope that some of the vegetables, beans, grains and herbs in this catalogue will help you to become more self-reliant in food and medicine.

All our seeds are untreated, open-pollinated and non-GMO. We grow all our own seeds and sell only our most recent harvest. As is true again this year, we write the printed and online catalogues in December after we’ve cleaned and evaluated all our seed crops from the year before. December is also the month when we package the seeds. Most of our seeds are mailed from mid-January to mid-May but we fill orders year-round and usually within a day or two of receiving your requests.

See Salt Spring Seeds here.

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1 Walter Haugen { 12.04.12 at 5:29 pm }

The slatted box for threshing by foot is brilliant. When I did wild rice by hand back in Minnesota in the 70’s I used to dance on the rice in a big pan and supported part of my weight with an angled brace or even a chair. I imagine the same would work with the box if there is significant seed breakage. I use an electric chipper/shredder to thresh my wheat and other grains now, but it is good to have this alternative in mind.