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Vancouver Musician Releases Song Tribute to Urban Food Gardens

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‘Love For All Living Things’ by Ric Buckman Coe

“So we started with a plot in a neighbour’s yard
With a couple of friends and a bottle of wine,
You know it wasn’t to hard
You don’t know how good it feels,
To eat your own tomatoes and string beans”

‘Love For All Living Things’
Official music video
Directed by Rosalee Yagihara
Filmed in urban gardens around Vancouver, BC. (Note City Farmer’s ‘Compost Demonstration Garden’ can be seen in the video.)

Release date Monday December 3rd, 2012
From the sleeve of the new e.p. ‘Crow’s Nest’

“I came across an article about the Permaculture Punks of Mexico City a number of years ago and their ecological and social movement really prepared the ground for this song. One of the most revolutionary things we can do is take back control of our food. In coming years this will become even more necessary as we deal with rising oil prices & transportation costs, GMO’s and the threat to bio-diversity, global warming and regional and international food insecurity. Our communities and our health will be strengthened the more we can eat from our bio-regions, the more we break away from the corporate food industry, and the more we follow a plant-based diet. In this way, the simple act of growing our own food becomes an expression of personal and community power, and an act of Love and Harmony with the Earth.” Ric Buckman Coe

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