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WindowFarms – a new commercial product

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“The new Windowfarms systems are made from environmentally friendly plastic and wire. The new design just snaps together, so you can get right to growing. They can either hang from two hooks above your window or stand on their metal base or your sill or floor. Over time, we will come out with many more versions but we love this one so much we are already calling it ‘the Classic.’ ”

Windowfarms installed at the American Museum of Natural History

Windowfarms are installed in a giant array at the American Museum of Natural History in New York City, part of a year-long exhibition called “Our Global Kitchen: Food, Culture, Nature.”

From the Exhibit website:

Can you grow food year-round, even in the winter? Can you garden in a tiny, city apartment? Yes…and yes!

The living plants in the vertical garden included in Our Global Kitchen are edible greens, mostly lettuce and kale. They grow indoors, hydroponically—that is, without soil. Their roots derive nutrients from fortified water, which continuously drips through the system in a low-energy cycle. It requires technology, but without the need for soil, hydroponic gardeners can grow food almost anywhere, even in the desert or outer space. Pest and weed control is easy.

The plants displayed in the exhibition gallery are under artificial grow lamps that nourish them through the night. But all plants need some natural light. So they will rotate with plants in a larger exhibition in the Museum’s sun-filled Weston Pavilion.

The structures were developed by Windowfarms, a company based in New York City that supports urban agriculture.

See the Museum exhibit here.