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Calgary groups raise awareness of urban wild foods

Wild Foods in the Urban Economy

By Matt Hanson
The Media Co-op
Dec 7, 2012


Despite Calgary Parks and Pathways Bylaw 20M2003, which prohibits wild foods harvesting by virtue of prohibiting any act to intentionally “damage, dig, cut, disturb or destroy any park vegetation, whether alive or dead,” there is a growing interest in wild foods harvesting.

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December 8, 2012   1 Comment

‘The Ladies of Manure’ 2013 Calendar – Fertile Earth Foundation

“A pictorial calendar that will get you to rethink all your waste, even your daily # 1’s and 2’s.”

By Fertile Earth Foundation


Fertile Earth Foundation is an environmental nonprofit based in Miami mostly known for our composting initiatives. We’ve been teaching people to rethink their waste for over 4 years. For those of you who don’t know what composting is, it’s basically turning organic waste into rich fertile soil. Organic waste is stuff like kitchen scraps, newspaper, yard trimmings, manure, even your very own poop! Anything that is not plastic, metal, or glass can be composted

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