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Calgary groups raise awareness of urban wild foods

Wild Foods in the Urban Economy

By Matt Hanson
The Media Co-op
Dec 7, 2012


Despite Calgary Parks and Pathways Bylaw 20M2003, which prohibits wild foods harvesting by virtue of prohibiting any act to intentionally “damage, dig, cut, disturb or destroy any park vegetation, whether alive or dead,” there is a growing interest in wild foods harvesting.

Calgary Food Bank runs a wild game outreach program for schools. Piitoayis (Eagle Lodge) Family School located in southeast Calgary uses the program to educate K-6 students about Aboriginal traditions of wild game. “Calgary Food Bank received a number of inquiries from Aboriginal people requesting wild game meat with respect to their cultural traditions,” Calgary Food Bank Communications Coordinator Kathryn Sim told The Dominion regarding the initial interest to support a wild meat program. “We seek to provide a diversity of foods.”

There are numerous other projects in Calgary redefining the food-scape. Leaf Ninjas, a successful Small Plot Intensive (SPIN) urban farming initiative; and The Light Cellar, a raw superfoods specialty store, are engaging more youth in permaculture and wild foods harvesting is having a greater role in fostering local economic sustainability.

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1 Jordan { 12.12.12 at 2:02 pm }

Thanks for the article! It is definitely intentioned to shed a positive light on some of the people and efforts in Calgary’s local food system. Every city should possess a few educators who can teach and show the wild foods which grow in perpetuity in our cities. The article should’ve talked a bit more about the wild foods that are abundant to Calgary such as sweetgrass, sage, yarrow, chickweed, lamb’s quarters, etc. I would love to connect with someone in Calgary who has this knowledge and is interested in leading a workshop in 2013.