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Washington D.C.’s Wangari Community Garden to Expand

Successful campaign on Kickstarter ended in November.

A park and garden for the neighborhood; food is grown for and by neighbors, and the beautiful green space brings community together.

Excerpt from Kickstarter:

Wangari Gardens is a new 2.7 acre garden park being created by its surrounding neighborhood in the heart of Washington, DC. As a very diverse, friendly, and community oriented neighborhood, this area of the city suffers from high obesity, diabetes, heart disease rates, and malnutrition, especially among children. There are few grocery options available, and many residents rely on corner stores which sell little amounts of fresh produce or healthy food.

Neighbors have come together to turn a largely unused green space into a garden and park that will help connect the community through growing healthy food, and making a beautiful gathering space for children and their families.

The name Wangari Gardens was given in honor of the late Professor Wangari Maathai, an activist that fought for peace, environmental and social justice, and for women’s equality in East Africa. A Nobel Peace Prize winner, Professor Maathai founded the Greenbelt Movement, a movement which is responsible for planting 40 million trees in Kenya. We wish to honor her life and continue her message of using unused green space for the non-profit benefit of the surrounding community. Her legacy of bringing community together to protect the environment while bettering their lives is what inspired us to name the park Wangari Gardens.

Kickstarter page here.

Grist story: “Growing something out of nothing: The story of D.C.’s Wangari Gardens” here.