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Ypsilanti, Michigan delays decision on allowing hoop houses, gardening on vacant lots

Council Member Brian Robb and City Attorney John Barr.

Mayor Pro Tem Lois Richardson expressed concern over whether the increase in produce would bring an increase in unwanted animals, such as raccoons.

By Katrease Stafford
Ypsilanti Reporter
Dec 10, 2012


Council Member Brian Robb was concerned that implementing the revision could make the city’s grass ordinance obsolete. That ordinance allows the city to enforce restrictions on tall or unsightly grass.

Robb questioned whether some Ypsilanti residents might use the amendment language to say that their tall grass qualifies as a garden.

City Attorney John Barr said that could become an issue.

“There is still this gray area,” Barr said. “We may have trouble enforcing our grass height ordinance… That might have to be tweaked a little in the final reading.”

Council Member Daniel Vogt said there are two or three people in his neighborhood who have been cited for violating the grass ordinance, and it remains an issue.

“I generally support this, but there are some things that need to be controlled,” Vogt said.

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