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Canadian University to create research and learning garden

Simon Fraser University in Greater Vancouver seeks proposals to complete ‘Learning Garden’ design work

RFP For The Design Of Sustainable SFU’s Learning Garden On Burnaby Mountain
The submission deadline is January 8, 2013.

SSFU’s Local Food Program currently operates a Community Garden, a Harvest Box food delivery program, and supports a pocket farmers’ market on campus. In 2013, we’re excited to add a garden space dedicated to research and learning in the (artichoke) heart of SFU’s Burnaby Mountain campus. This garden will increase the availability of campus-grown food, offer community space and programming at SFU Burnaby, be an experiential learning resource for faculty and students, and develop the skills and experience of SFU students.

Excerpt from RFP:

1.2. Background

SSFU has licensed approximately 400 sq. metres (roughly 13m x 32m) of land from Simon Fraser University at the SFU Burnaby campus for the installation and operation of a research and learning garden. The site is situated next to and below Convocation Mall, a significant and high-traffic public space at SFU Burnaby. The license is for three years, expiring in October 2015, with the possibility of renewal.

Nearby, an existing community garden is operated by SSFU on Burnaby Mountain, less than five minutes by foot from the Learning Garden site. It contains a large compost facility, mostly intended for use by community garden users, and roughly 100 seasonally-rented plots.

The purpose of this second garden is to create a learning and research space about the growing of plants and the management and operation of a garden or small-scale horticulture projects. Anticipated users include Simon Fraser University students, faculty and instructors; student clubs and departmental associations; and other campus-based groups. The garden should include some areas for semesterly or annual projects (50%) and some areas for longer-term, multi-year demonstrations managed by SSFU and its partners (50%).

The garden will support SSFU’s mission to build capacity in the SFU community to respond to environmental, economic and social challenges, including food security, social isolation, and skill development.

See the design request website here.