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Chiswick Gardens, a restaurant with a kitchen garden in Woollahra, Australia


The kitchen garden where much of the produce for the menu will be grown

Excerpt from restaurant’s website:

Chiswick’s’s unique 150 square metre kitchen garden links the kitchen to its beautiful garden surrounds and provides fresh, home-grown produce. With plantings rotated by season, the garden has a trellised section, potted herbs and garden beds created from natural timber sleepers. Chiswick has a dedicated gardener who tends the garden and works with the chefs to decide on the best seasonal plantings.

The garden at Chiswick has allowed Matt to indulge his passion for produce sourced and grown with integrity. With the garden at the heart of the operation the emphasis is on the food provenance and how it is grown. The menu is truly seasonal, the ingredients fresh, the produce picked in the morning will be on the plate by lunchtime.

A focus of Chiswick is the seasons, with the menu designed to change accordingly, bringing the best each month has to offer.

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