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The Urban Farming Supply Chain in The Modern City


Urban farming gets professional!

By Joop de Boer
Poop Up City
Dec 14, 2012


As urban farming is becoming a serious business in many cities around the world, it’s interesting to see how the city farming scene extends its influence from a ‘vacant-lots-only’ phenomenon to a ‘rest-of-the-city’ phenomenon.

Recently we mentioned the urban farmer meeting hub Farm:shop in London. But this combination of an urban farm and a bar, shop and expo venue is not the first example of the increasing visibility of urban farming in the streets of our cities. In New York, an urban farming style shop opened doors in 2011.

Two branches, one specialized in aeroponics and the other one in hydroponics, serve urban farmers in the Big Apple with everything they need to fulfill their duty. Also Portland has its Urban Farmers Store, and in Brooklyn some urban farming entrepreneurs run the Haysees’s Big City Farm Supply Store. Apparently the urban farming niche is big enough in some cities to enable people to make a living on it.

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