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Community Composting in a Small Mexican Town

Jose and Compost Students with over 80 bags of compost. Lo de Marcos is a small town of some 3,000 people one hour north of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Photo by Amigos de Lo de Marcos.

Jardin de Composta in Los De Marcos

Piles of yard waste no longer sit on the streets of Lo De Marcos. Burning of yard waste no longer pollutes the air. As well residents of the town receive a small income from selling the finished compost. Students at the local schools are involved in the compost process and the community garden.

Excerpt from Recycle Committee Report
November 2012 – Amigos de Lo de Marcos

Compost is being screened and bagged every Saturday morning by our compost students (Beto, Neto, Fernando, Adrian, Francisco, and Esteban). Last Saturday, they filled more than 80 bags in 4 hours.

55 bags of Compost Futures have been redeemed – 125 bags remain to be redeemed. Your compost futures may be redeemed on Wednesday or Saturday mornings at the Compost Lot.

Residents bring their yard waste and restaurant food waste to the site. Photo by Michael Levenston.

Large pile of finished compost ready for screening and bagging. Photo by Michael Levenston.

David, Jose and Moss work in the heat to make the project a success. Photo by Michael Levenston.

Over 100 bags of screened compost is in inventory to be sold or redeemed. Estimated 780 bags to be sold or redeemed by year end.

Compost may be purchased at the compost lot during open hours or at Julia’s Fruteria seven days a week. A 10 gallon bag of compost sells for 60 pesos per bag.

Based on Jose’s annual budget, 25 pesos of each bag sold pays the contract manager (Jose), 15 pesos pays for student labor, 15 pesos pays for machine time (moving and turning the material) and 5 pesos pays for miscellaneous expenses.

Recycled cisterns have been made into compost units. Three of these are now in use and more will be placed around town for the use of residents. Photo by Amigos de Lo de Marcos.

A community garden has been built at the compost site. Photo by Michael Levenston.

See Amigos de Lo de Marcos website here.


1 Dan { 12.21.12 at 9:16 am }

Great job Mike! Good to see the word getting out.

2 Mimi Nelson { 12.30.12 at 7:00 pm }
Excellent! Glad to see this work carrying on down to the south