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‘Inner City Farms’ – Meet Vancouver Urban Farmer video series continues

Meet Will and Camil from Inner City Farms in this 8th short film from the Meet your Urban Farmer series

By Vita Mavronicolas, Digital Storyteller
Shaun Mavronicolas
Fire and Light Media Group
Dec 21, 2012

Inner City Farms is a small business that uses organic practices to grow vegetables in residential spaces in Vancouver. They revive neglected garden space and convert lawns into beautiful and productive urban farms, all within the limits of the city.

Land is provided by Vancouverites who support their efforts and commitment to social, ecological and financial sustainability. In return they offer what they can: a share of the harvest bounty.

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The sprouting of the urban agriculture movement in Fenway

The Fenway Victory Gardens are the nation’s only remaining, continuously operating WWII Victory Gardens. Located in Boston, Massachusetts. See history of Fenway Gardens here.

“More and more people are coming to the conclusion that while urban agriculture can support a series of cottage industries, it’s less likely to become a major economic driver.”

By Emily Files
Boston Globe
December 14, 2012


On a cloudless mid-November day in one of 500 plots in the Fenway Victory Gardens, Mark Slater maneuvered through his Texan curry plant, perfect-for-mojitos mint, horseradish, chive and tomatoes. Slater has been gardening in the park for four years, roughly every other week from March through November.

“I think it’s important, no matter where you live today,” said Slater, a freelance illustrator, ?to not disassociate yourself from the earth.” The Fenway Victory Gardens, set up during World War II, afford many this opportunity, at a plot rent of $30 per year.

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Municipal Food Strategies and Integrated Approaches to Urban Agriculture: Exploring Three Cases from the Global North

God Bless America statue in Chicago Image Bob Krist

In Forthcoming Special Issue of International Planning Studies – ‘Urban Food Planning’

Brent Mansfield and Wendy Mendes
International Planning Studies
19 Dec 2012


At a time when the majority of world’s population live in urban areas, the role of cities in addressing food system vulnerabilities is vital. One response has been a renewed focus by local governments in the global north on a host of individual food system issues. Still lacking are comprehensive municipal food strategies that take a coordinated approach to the food system as a whole. A municipal food strategy is an official plan or road map that helps city governments integrate a full spectrum of urban food system issues within a single policy framework including food production (typically referred to as urban agriculture (UA)), food processing, food distribution, food access and food waste management.

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