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Vertical Harvest of Jackson Hole, Wyoming

A hydroponic vertical growing system that will maximize growing area, save energy and fill a vital community need.

By Nona Yehia + Penny McBride
From Kickstarter
Launched Dec 3, 2012


Vertical Harvest will be the first of its kind: A three story vertical farm built on an infill piece of land that will grow fresh, local produce in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, extending its four month growing season to all year round. What makes this project truly unique is that we will develop an innovative hydroponic growing system that can be used in vertical greenhouses of all configurations.

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1990 Punch cartoon: – A futuristic city/country ‘farmed’ landscape


Cultivated farmland with buildings underground

Punch Magazine

An urban/rural landscape where people live underground so that buildings don’t block sunshine from reaching crops. An urban core where apartments are spaced some distance from each other, leaving lots of room for farming.

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