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1941 Punch: Poignant image of the War effort at home and at sea

common task1941

‘The Common Task’

Punch Magazine

A gardener digs his Victory Garden as he watches young men head out to do battle at sea.

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The UK’s No 1 selling gardening book


Disco-coloured ears of Popcorn Fiesta, golden orbs of Inca berries, grape-sized fruit of cucamelons

By James Wong
Home Grown Revolution
Published Sept. 2012

“You don’t need a greenhouse, you don’t even need a garden, just a pot of soil, a packet of seeds and a greedy disposition”

James Wong is on a personal mission to get Britain growing exciting and interesting crops with his Home Grown Revolution. The fact that the British diet has become infinitely more exciting and varied over the past 50 years or so has not been reflected in the types of crops that we grow.

James Wong has trialled literally hundreds of varieties in his garden and for his best-selling gardening book, Homegrown Revolution, has only chosen varieties that are extremely easy to grow, taste fantastic and are decorative in the garden.

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