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Started in 1783, Franchi Seeds is the oldest family run seed company in the world


7 generations still in the same family

Franchi Sementi S.P.A., of Bergamo in northern Italy is a family company that was formed in 1783 and has grown to be one of the largest seed companies in Italy. For more than 220 years thay have been selling traditional seed varieties to discriminating gardeners and cooks in Italy, and and recently around the world.

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January 2, 2013   1 Comment

City saves Philadelphia community garden from developers

St. Bernard Community Garden.

$71,500 bid and the auctioneer closed the sale in the City’s favor

By Sean Collins Walsh
Philadelphia Inquirer
December 20, 2012|

To save St. Bernard Community Garden, residents get organized, enlist the help of a local politician and with a dramatic last-second maneuver, triumph over potential developers to save their neighborhood treasure.

No, it’s not an episode from NBC’s “Parks and Recreation.” It’s what happened Wednesday, when the city purchased a property in West Philadelphia at a sheriff’s sale, preserving the St. Bernard Community Garden, on St. Bernard’s Street between 49th and 50th.

“It gives me faith in public action and community stuff because the government wouldn’t have done anything unless we got organized,” said Trevor McElroy, of the Friends of the Saint Bernard Garden. “We’re grateful for the city’s help.”

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