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Top UK gardening trends for 2013 – ‘Grow-your-own movement to carry on’


Home-Grown is Best

By Ed Cumming
The Telegraph
03 Jan 2013


Poor harvests in 2012 prompted doom and gloom about young allotmenteers giving up their plots; supermarkets took to stocking “ugly veg” (ie slightly imperfect) to make up the shortfall in crops. But while fingers remain crossed for a return to prosperity, many expect the grow-your-own movement to carry on regardless.

“The turn towards self-sufficiency will continue, with more people relying on their gardens for a supply of fresh food,” says Jean Vernon. “Gardeners will be composting, recycling and making-do. At the very least, they will grow their own herbs and salads.”

Stephen Lacey thinks the trend goes beyond austerity-driven scrimpers and savers. “Designer friends tell me that even super-rich non-gardeners are asking for their gardens to include somewhere they can go foraging for a few edible leaves and berries. Not a proper vegetable or fruit garden, with all the attendant work and space required, but simply an odd blackberry or raspberry cane, or patch of rocket.”

Mark Diacono, at the forefront of the home-grown movement, is looking forward to 2013. “I am excited about a resurgence in edible hedges,” he says. “People are planting more hedges, and are also growing some of what they eat, so they want something delicious from their boundary as well as shelter.

“I’ve been asked to design and supply edible hedges, not only traditional blackthorn, elder and hawthorn, but other delicious edibles such as autumn olive, Japanese wineberry, Akebia quinata, blackberries, Rosa rugosa, and white filberts alongside.”

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