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Farm Animals/Micro Livestock proposed for Eugene, Oregon

1940 Cartoon from Punch. An ‘animal’ helps the cause.

The purpose of these standards is to allow for increased opportunities for residential urban animal keeping and farming within the city limits, while encouraging compatibility within the urban environment.

City Council Public Hearing:
Tuesday January 22, 2013

The City of Eugene is considering changing some of the rules related to farm animals inside the city limits. The proposed changes to the land use code will help increase opportunities for urban farming in Eugene. These changes also support several goals outlined in city plans like Envision Eugene, the City’s Climate and Energy Action Plan and the City’s Food Security Scoping and Resource Plan. The aim is to increase the number of farm animals allowed in an urban setting and protect neighborhood livability.

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Bjorn Low – Singapore Urban Farmer

The Urban Farmer from Singaporean of the Day on Vimeo.

Founder of Edible Gardens, he hopes to help everyone in Singapore understand the importance of food growing.

He dreams of building a collective of urban farms in Singapore

By Olivia
Green Drinks Singapore
June 20, 2012


We’re a team of young and aspiring Singaporeans who are searching for a way to address our food security issue. Our project is located in tropical Singapore where 5 million people live somewhat harmoniously together on a 699 sq km space. We import 93% of our food from our gracious neighbours while we try to grow 7% of it locally. As you can imagine we are not in a very favourable position and the edible garden city project seek to change some of that. We are motivated by the belief that urban farming should be a common and accessible livelihood in land scarce Singapore and hope to encourage dialogue about the role of agriculture and labour in our culture and to strengthen a movement towards the re-valuation of agriculture, the true value of food and the power of the community.

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