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Damayan Garden Project in Tallahassee, FL

Garret Hammond, Phoenix Minklei, and Kacki Schwartz volunteer for the Damayan Garden Project in the Lichgate Garden off of High Rd. in Tallahassee, FL. The Damayan Garden Project is a local nonprofit with a mission to get the community more ecological by hosting educational programs and hands-on gardening. Photo by Melina Vastola.

Damayan Garden Project raising food, nutrition awareness through community gardens

By Elizabeth M. Mack
Jan 10, 2013


There’s so much that can come from a garden — a calming hobby, quality time with friends and family, but first and foremost, nourishing food.

It’s providing avenues to nourishing food that led to the creation of the Damayan Garden Project.

“It’s what our ancestors used to do,” Minklei said. “People should be more aware. And there’s nothing like the taste and texture of something that you’ve grown in your own garden.”

“You can even get the kids involved,” she added. “(Gardening) is something great to do as a family. And it’s good for the spirit — planting, weeding, pruning — it feels good to do.”

Minklei said that through its mission DGP has installed several gardens around the community at locations such as the Salvation Army, MaCray Boys and Girls Club and in Frenchtown. Once the volunteers have installed the garden, they also teach the community how to maintain the garden.

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