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Farms flourish in Kenya’s cities

Teddy Kinyanjui poses with some of the produce from his farm on Ngecha Road, Spring Valley, Nairobi. Photo by Diana Ngila.

The Ministry of Agriculture estimates that 70 per cent of the city’s fresh produce supplies come from urban and peri-urban farms.

By Evelyn Situma
Business Daily Africa
January 10, 2013


Mr Waweru earns a handsome return from his farm every month and his cows produce about 240 litres of milk a day.

For Teddy Kinyanjui, 29, who has a charcoal oven and a heap of organic manure decomposing at the edge of his compound on Ngecha Road, Spring Valley, has found City Council of Nairobi askaris at his gate a couple of times.

He says they show up every time he fells one of his trees for timber, demanding a fee. The Council charges Sh1,000 for every tree cut.

On his two acre farm he has planted 3, 000 trees as a sustainable project for his efficient charcoal cook-stoves project. He also sells tree seedlings and has two beehives for pollination in his kitchen garden.

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