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Butterbee Farm is an urban flower farm in the heart of Baltimore City

Flower harvest.

This year, we are farming in different pockets of land all over the city

From Butterbee Farm website:

We grow cut flowers in every color and shade, from the Cherry Brandy Rudbeckia to the colorful Rocket Snapdragon! Butterbee Farm flowers are cultivated without synthetic nutrients, pesticides, herbicides, or plastic mulch. They are grown instead in rich local compost, drip irrigation that minimizes water use, natural, biodegradable insect repellants, and crop rotations that keep the soil healthy.

Flowers travel less than 30 miles to their final destinations of windowsills, bookshelves, dining room tables, wedding bouquets, hair pieces, buttonholes, bookmarks, and hats.

This year, we are farming in different pockets of land all over the city, while we prepare our main field in collaboration with Whitelock Farm in Reservoir Hill. The field is currently being nurtured with a planting of greens that will enliven the soil with nutrients and organic matter, so that we can plant into delicious soil in 2014.

Their website here.

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