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Urban-based Aquaponics to grow in Australian food industry in 2013


Aquaponics and algae farms will help change Australia’s food industry

By Geoff Wilson
Aquaponic Network Australia
Vol 2, No 1, Jan 15. 2013


Early signs of massive changes in the $100 billion a year (retail value) Australian food industry include:

Considerable new Australian investment into large-scale and home-scale urban and peri-urban aquaponics for production of more valuable, organic, fresh healthy foods such as fish, crustaceans, molluscs, many vegetables, most herbs, plus some fruits.

Pioneering new investment into urban and peri-urban algae-growing industry – to provide important food additives such as essential oils and high quality food proteins, feed proteins plus petroleum-competitive local transport fuels.

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‘The World in a Garden’ – Meet your Vancouver Urban Farmer

‘The World In A Garden’ is a multicultural urban farm project

By Vita Mavronicolas, Digital Storyteller
Shaun Mavronicolas
Fire and Light Media Group

Meet Trisha Sedgwick and Alicia Baddorf from ‘The World In A Garden’. ‘The World In A Garden’ is a multicultural urban farm project that educates community and youth on the nutritional, cultural, environmental and social benefits of a just and local food system.

Their programming includes youth leadership, kids summer camps, school programs and gardens and farm to table workshops. Their social enterprise includes market sales, honey from our bees, educational workshops and programs, community events, fundraisers, garden wares and more.

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