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30,000 people signed the petition to save Berlin’s Prinzessinnengärten garden

At the Moritzplatz in Berlin, a busy roundabout in the centre of bustling Kreuzberg, well over a thousand supporters have helped the site to grow “from an ugly vacant lot to a paradise”. Over 500 different types of herbs and vegetables are growing here.

The Prinzessinnengarten is a communal project – vegetable beds are shared without any one claiming their own.

Funding project begun:

Material support is especially essential for the initiation of participatory process. In the past we have started a well-respected participation project with over 100 youth from the neighborhood, called ‘city safari’. With backing from the district we suggest a similar process for the Moritzplatz. We aim to show that participation can be more than displaying pre-made working plans for the public to agree to. In workshops and idea factories we would like to develop ideas on how to live within cities together with the people that live around us. We plan to design practical approaches such as a communal composting system, a collective bicycle repair shop or a public library.

As an example for the costs: an idea factory would costs us around 6500 €, a further public debate 3500 €, a celebration in next spring to open the season about 2000 €, the production of a movie 3000 €, a street art intervention 2000 €, the photo booth for supporters 3000 €, info boxes 500 €, posters, post cards, buttons and stickers 1000 € and last but not least, legal advice is an essential but pricey part of a successful campaign.

See more about the campaign here.

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1 Lucila Orengo { 01.23.13 at 6:35 am }

Such an asset to the city!