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The Community Garden – Seven Kind Kids series


Trina stopped walking and turned to look at this spot.
“You know, this could be a wonderful community garden. I like it a lot.”

By Barry Thomas Becht and Binah Godisall

My loving Partner, Binah Godisall crafts the stories and I add any ideas and all the illustrations to our world based in Peace Valley to explore the Seven Kind Kids Team adventures.

Recently, I have been co-authoring and illustrating a collection of books based on characters I created to share the ideas of conscious creation to people aged 5 to 105. Each book is a 26 page children’s picture book.


Barry Thomas Bechta is an artist, author, and film maker whose work centers around the concepts of Unconditional Love. Barry knew he wanted to write from a very young age and was encouraged with his artistic skills and only began writing full time in his thirties. He wrote his first book, I AM Creating My Own Experience as a personal journal to choose connection with God/Life/Energy. He has since written 17 inspirational spiritual books.

See the book here.