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‘Farm-City State’ – A film about the future of food in Austin, Texas

‘Farm-City State’ explores the idea of what if an entire city could feed itself with healthy, local, organic food.

David Barrow and team have teamed up to document Austin’s progress into the nation’s popular local food movement. ‘What if an entire city could feed itself?’

The Austin food landscape has changed. Over the past 6 years, more than a dozen farmers markets have opened, restaurants started sourcing locally, the public is purchasing and seeking out local food, and the legislature has taken notice – how do we create a good local economy?

The film will follow protagonist Brenton Johnson, of Johnson’s Backyard Garden, who has grown from 1/4 of an acre to over 200 acres in the past 6 years to help feed the city of Austin. Starting a new non-profit, FarmShare Austin, to feed the ‘food deserts’ of Austin, Brenton will show how organic food is not only for the wealthy. The film will include other urban farmers, politicians, local food non-profits, locally-sourcing restaurants, and large grocery stories.

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